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Kalari Workshops

Kalari Academy of performing arts conducts specially designed workshops for corporate, dancers/movement artists’ and students.


To create awareness, popularise and share the benefits of the traditional Kalaripayattu as a multyfaceted artform.
To impart knowledge about the Marmas used in Kalari treatment to keep oneself disease free and in a state of positive health.

Work shop The Basics kalaripayattu

It is all about the fluid animal movements - Ashtavadivu, which is the core of kalaripayattu. Kalaripayattu draws inspiration from different animals like wild boar, lion, snake, horse etc. This workshop would explore basic kalaripayattu exercise to improve tone up body and mind.

This workshop would explore,

Animal Movemants (Ashtavadivu)

Basic kalaripayattu exercise to improve general health,

Different techniques of attacks, counterattack and disarm the opponent.


Workshop The Marma Therapy and Kalari Treatment

This workshop would be beneficial for professional dancers, athletes, martial artists, aerobic trainers, yoga and other physical training instructors. Participants will be trained on techniques to gain flexibility, heal sports related injuries, and improve general health.

Theory program Module

a) Understanding your own body

Understanding your own body is the first step towards kalari treatment. This includes the knowledge of the ‘tridoshas’, the 14 ‘nadis’ in a human body and the 107 ‘marma’ points.

b) Tridosha Concept

According to Ayurveda, there are three ‘doshas’ which govern the physio-chemical and physiological activities of the body. They are- ‘Vata’ (from ether and air), ‘Pitta’ (from fire and an aspect of water), and ‘Kapha’ (from water and earth). The doshas or biological humors are the prime factor behind both health and disease. Hence, a clear understanding of these three doshas is required to heal oneself and the others.

c) The 14 Nadis

In Kalari massage, the therapist/ kalari master uses his hands and feet to massage the patient using medicated oils. He uses nadisuthra kriya to apply pressure with his fingers, thumb or toe. The knowledge of the nadis is a must to perform kalari massage.

d) Use of Oils, herbs and pastes in marma points

There are different oils, pastes and herbs used only by kalari gurus. It is necessary to know about these herbs and oils for prescribing the medicine.

Practical programme Module

a) Marma therapy

Marmas are energy points or the sacred points in the body, comparable to acupressure points. There are 107 Marmas which are associated to the nadis and charkas of yoga and can be used for balancing body and mind.

b) Introduction to Kalari massage

A combat situation demands an extremely agile, strong and supple body, which would instantly reflect the focused mind. The ancient martial artists(warriors) used kalari massage to tone their bodies and sharpen their reflexes. The basic techniques of kalari massage are included in this programme.

We offer this short term courses any where if you have a suitable space and group of interested people ready to learn the basics kalaripayattu.

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